All about StepN NFT

All about StepN NFT
StepN move-to-earn NFT app

StepN is a web3 lifestyle app that rewards users for walking and running. It is one of the first apps developed with the #move2earn concept where users are rewarded for moving around.

Buy your sneaker.

The first step into your StepN journey is to purchase a sneaker from the app using $SOL. As shown below, the sneakers are classified based on fitness levels. Choose and buy a sneaker that best suits you since the reward system will not work if you use a sneaker that id outside your fitness level. For example, using the jogger sneaker and walking at 2 KM/Hr will not trigger any rewards.


As the name suggests, users can move around to earn rewards in the form of tokens. The following conditions have to be met to earn tokens for each minute of movement.

  • Movement is tracked using GPS in the StepN app, so it is important to make sure that the GPS signal is available and strong.
  • The sneaker should have energy. A new sneaker replenishes 25% of its maximum energy every 6 hours. New sneakers have a max energy cap of 2/2 per day. Users can increase this cap by holding multiple sneakers.

StepN Tokenomics

It is powered by 2 tokens, $GST and $GMT.

$GST is the Green Satoshi Token. Users can earn $GST by moving around with the sneaker. Movement is tracked via GPS and tokens are earned for each minute of movement.

New users can receive a maximum of 5 $GST per day. Users can increase their daily limit by leveling up or increasing the level of their sneaker. Leveling up can increase the daily limit all the way up to 300 $GST per day. Further increases beyond the 300 $GST per day will require burning $GMT toens.

$GMT is the Green Metaverse Token. This is the governance token and there are requirements that have to be met to start earning $GMT. For example, users with sneakers Level 30 and above can start earning $GMT. There is no earning cap for $GMT.
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Sneaker Features

In addition to sneaker types based on fitness levels, there are several other features that you can choose from when you purchase your sneaker.

  1. Efficiency - you can increase the efficiency of the sneaker to earn more $GST per minute.

  2. Luck - you can increase the luck on the sneaker to increase your chances to earn mystery boxes.

  3. Comfort - you can increase the comfort of the sneaker to earn more $GMT per minute and also to reduce the HP decay on the sneaker.

  4. Resilience - you can increase the resilience on the sneaker to reduce future repair costs.

StepN and Apple Pay

Game-Fi Features

StepN is a move to earn app where players move around to earn the game's native currencies GST and GMT. Earnings will be based on factors like type of sneaker, sneaker's efficiency attribute, sneaker's comfort and speed of movement.

Gems and Sockets

When a sneaker reaches a certain fitness level, the user can unlock gem sockets in the sneaker. Gems can be inserted into the sockets to increase the sneaker's fitness level. Gems can also be upgraded by burning GMT or by combining multiple gems together.

How to get StepN

StepN is currently live on the app store.

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